Another Booktopia free shipping code

[Update: code below now expired]

I got another free shipping code for Booktopia (see previous post) if anyone’s interested:


It expires midnight on Sunday 28th November, 2010 (AEST).

Disclaimer: Just FYI, not a paid endorsement, etc

Another Booktopia free shipping code

(Note: coupon code below has expired)

I just did some Christmas shopping at Booktopia. Supported some authors I like and saved some money.

I got another one of those free shipping codes – you are welcome to use it, but it expires Monday:

Simply place an order before midnight on Monday 8th November, 2010 (AEST) with the promotion code below and you will receive free shipping on your order. The promotion code can be used as many times as you, or your family and friends, want on any orders between now and then.

Type the word SUPERB in the promotion code field when you checkout. (Codes are entered with your payment options at the end of the checkout process, make sure you click the word “Apply” next to the field to apply the discount).
Disclaimer: not a paid endorsement, just FYI, etc

Booktopia – free postage code

[Update: the free postage code below has expired.]

I’ve previously bought books from an Australian online retailer called Booktopia. Their prices and range are generally better than your traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Amazon is still cheaper, usually – especially with the exchange rate so great for Aussies at the moment (about 1AUD = 1USD)  but when you factor in postage cost (and delivery time, of course) Booktopia will sometimes come out on top, especially for more than one book.

Booktopia postage is a flat fee of $6.50 for any number of books, to anywhere in Australia.

I recently looked at ordering about 5 books for myself and for Christmas presents, and despite Amazon being less than half the price on a few of them (that great exchange rate working nicely!) Booktopia still ended up cheaper thanks to the cheap postage. Did I mention the faster delivery?

I’m sharing this now because I just got a discount voucher from them in my email. “Share it around!” they said. Thus, here it is (use it quick, it expires Monday):

Free shipping, expires midnight on Monday 11th October, 2010 (AEST). Enter code at checkout: BOOKTOBERFEST

You can also win $1000 worth of books by ordering something during October.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Booktopia. I’m not being paid for this. Booktopia doesn’t know I’m writing it.