Another Booktopia free shipping code

[Update: code below now expired]

I got another free shipping code for Booktopia (see previous post) if anyone’s interested:


It expires midnight on Sunday 28th November, 2010 (AEST).

Disclaimer: Just FYI, not a paid endorsement, etc


Radiolab is a truly great podcast.

The tagline is “on a curiosity bender”, and it seeks answers to interesting questions about science, humankind, the world, and everything else.

Here are a couple of recommended episodes:

The 1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast



Highly recommended.

Background: I was disappointed to learn recently that some of the most popular podcasts are very similar in content to popular radio shows: mildly amusing but vacuous people chattering inanely. A tragic waste of time considering the alternatives. I thought I’d better do my part to promote some podcasts with actual content, content that’s actually entertaining, informative and/or genuinely useful.